Wakefield Park track session

Last Weekend myself Rob, Banzi, Murad, Sarge and a few other friends all went to Wakefield park racetrack for a bit of practice. Wakefields great for track practice its a tight twisty track and with absolutely nothing  to come off and hit well apart from other cars on the track so watch out for them.

We spent a lot of practice time on our racing lines and speed through the corners and I got my personal best (PB) time down by a full 5 seconds to 1:13.5. A professional racing driver did it in my car in 1:11 that’s 2 and a half seconds a lap slower than a paid professional driver, that’s not that bad in my books 🙂


At one point on the last turn just before the straight I went from understeer to a big oversteer situation and the back came out but I managed to catch and regain control before launching up the main straight. It’s in the below video I put together although its over so quick in the video it felt like things slowed down for those 2 seconds in time.

One thought on “Wakefield Park track session”

  1. Beddy that was awesome driving by your part. How about a super charge version, you probably crack 1:05 around Wakefield.

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