Christmas day 2011 in Wollongong

Here are some quick photos from Christmas day in Wollongong with Sanna’s family.

Here we are with all of Sannas family together for Christmas lunch in her mums back garden, we had Turkey, Ham roasted vegetables and of course lots of desert.


Sanna and I looking stupid at the table with our Christmas cracker hats on. Do you like Sannas moustache, she’s  areal Arab girl Smile


Sannas amazing Christmas pudding she makes every year is always a highlight for desert. It is a normal Christmas pudding but with added apricots and chocolate chips, it’s amazing with Bandy and Vanilla custard. It was very popular with everyone as always.


After Christmas lunch we all went to Suzie and Daniels and went in their swimming pool as it was quite a warm day at 27 degree’s.


I got to play with all the kids new Transformers they got for Christmas. They are a lot bigger and more complicated to transform than the Transformers I had when I was a child..


I’m looking forwards to my family arriving in 2 days now and for spending some good times with them and for NYE celebration at Sydney harbour.

Christmas eve barbie at ours

We have had terrible weather for weeks but finally it’s turned for the the better on Christmas eve and we had a Christmas eve barbie at ours in hot weather.

We bought our first ever barbie in Australia and I’ve lived here for 8 years now, terrible. 🙂

Chris and Josh on the barbie


Mr sing-along Turk having a go at Ice T

A short video showing Turk singing Ice T baby at our Christmas eve barbie, what a artist!

South African sausage (don’t know how you spell it but it starts with a B) on the Aussie barbie from Chris

Our lovely slightly leaning over wonky Christmas tree20111224-184015.jpg

Happy Christmas!

Xmas barbie on the roof of Chris’


Chris and Christina’s rooftop with the view of the city

I just wanted  to share a barbie we went to on the roof of my mate Chris and Christina’s roof on the weekend. Lovely view of the city, lovely company and tip top food from Christina again like last year.

I wish I took a photo of the gorgeous glazed baked ham leg with the apricots, best thing I’ve eaten so far this Christmas season but I was too busy talking and drinking beers. Sanna’s Christmas mince pies with homemade sweet shortcrust were really great too and a hit with the guests.


Gingerbread house Christina made I thought looked great

Merry Christmas for 2011

Sydney Martin Place Christmas treeThe big Christmas tree at Sydney’s Martin Place

A quick hello and to wish you a Merry Christmas to you and your family for 2011 and I hope you to have a great NYE for 2012 celebration!

I don’t have many plans over Christmas apart from a few barbies with friends around the city just before Christmas, and then Christmas day down in Wollongong with Sanna’s family.

Just after Christmas my family, Nicki, Michael, mum and dad and 2 of our Austrian friends Alex and Doris Mosburger all arrive to spend some weeks with us to celebrate new years eve in Sydney and to explore. 3 of our guests Michael, Alex and Doris have never been to Australia before so it will be great for them and to show them around!

I have also just heard word that the crazy Frenchman Damien aka SuperFrenchie and our best friend is hopefully coming to Australia in Jan/Feb to escape the troubles of Europe, the good times are ahead!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Some photo highlights from Nov/Dec 2012

Here are some random photo highlights from Nov/Dec this year I thought to share.


Attending the staff Christmas party hence the bandana, on Luna Parks Tumble Bug ride.


On a test drive of the Audi RS5, not as good as the RS4 which I was happy to realise after driving it.


One of the best looking Christmas party invitations I’ve ever got. This is from a local branding company, the theme was vampires, the party was great.


Wine tasting in the famous Barossa valley 1 hrs drive from Adelaide. Better looking scenery than the Hunter valley an nicer Shiraz.


Now onto beer tasting in the McLaren Vale near to Adelaide with Sanna’s old work friends.


Driving the new Porsche Boxster Spyder with Brendon on a Porsche drive day we were invited to. Great looking and sounding sports car, engine didn’t match up to the looks and sound though.


Our local markets has a market dog Jess and this is her new 6 week old pup, the cutest pup ever.