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Troy & Ali’s Wedding

Our good friends Troy and Ali were wedded on Saturday 2th March 2015. I was honoured to take part at my best friends wedding as the best man. I always tell Sanna I’m the Best man, and now to her annoyance she had to agree to me all day Smile

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, it was sunny and in the mid 20’s. The guests arrive for the wedding at the Lovely ‘One more shot pond’ in Sydney Centennial park. 20150328_103003

The boys Troy, Mark, Brother Justin and friend Chris line up waiting for the bridal party.

The bride and bridesmaids arrive.

Time to be wedded by the Minister (hiding behind Ali in the photo), who was a lovely guy originally from Northern Ireland.20150328_104740

The new Mr and Mrs Rose!

Sanna look beautiful on the day too, our puppy Damien came too

The Reception was held at in ‘The Atrium’ at the ‘The Grounds’ of  Alexandra. It was a  garden party theme, I stupidly forgot to take any photos of the reception, just one of the bridal party table. But you can see the place much better in the below video of my Best Man speech.20150328_143734

On the side of the reception room there was a lovely ‘men den’ of a room, fitted out will  a bar and all old things and lots of Whiskies, I pretended to serve Damien some Whiskies.

A photo of the Cousin Jacks team!20150328_155819

My Best Man’s speech went down pretty well, made everyone laugh a bit. Click here to watch full screen

Here’s a copy of my speech for historic sake:

My speech today will be like a mini-skirt. Long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to hold your attention!

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A couple of Lotus Wedding shots

I was asked to dress up my car for a wedding this weekend and I was more than happy to help out. It was an amazing sunny warm Autumn morning in Sydney, just Perfect weather for a wedding you couldn’t of asked for better weather.

The colours of the cars were such amazing contrasts to each other; they looked beautiful in the sun. The wedding and reception when very well and everyone loved the cars with bridesmaids squeezing into the cars nicely with their dresses and everyone clapping and tooting their horns to the Lotus wedding convoy as it passed them by as we drove through the city 🙂



All the shiny Lotus lined up outside the wedding reception.





An interesting shot I took looking along the line, I love the colours in this shot.





 Something Old and new together.



Update – I just received a nice post wedding reception message from the Groom:

“thanks so much for yesterday. The cars looked awesome and were a hit with all the guests. I had someone come up to me after the reception saying their table was having a debate as to whether the cars were nearer in value to $100,000 or $400,000!

Hopefully we will get some great photos of the line up coming across Anzac bridge and the harbour bridge. In the last photo Beddo has posted you will notice the bride without a veil. That is because it took flight as we were coming across the harbour bridge with Angela allowing it to fly free for the photographer who was hanging out of the car in front getting photos.

Thanks again boys; we had a great day and the cars were an integral part of making it special.”