BMW M3 & AMG 63 Black Series videos complete

I have been a busy body with running filming and editing for 2 new dream car videos with my reviewing/filming partner in crime Brendon. Both these videos were shot over 2 weekends with spending 3 days with each car and we were lucky with the weather on location for both shoots. By today both videos have had over 400 views on YouTube combined already which is good going. So onto the videos:

BMW M3 E92 – Details and Australian countryside drive

Brendon and I take an example of the latest iconic BMW M3 out for a test on the great driving roads South of Wollongong Australia. We discover what a sweetly setup car it is and how it craves for even a little bit more power.

AMG 63 Black Series – product tour and drive, AU

What happens when you combine a German saloon with a muscle car, strip out the heavy bits and replace them with Carbon fibre, you get the AMG 63 ‘Black Series’ of course. Brendon and I take the ‘Black Series’ out on the twisty roads of the south Hunter valley Australia and take in that gut-churning V8.

Video filming and editing quality is slowly improving I feel with each video. We are starting to eliminate things like camera shake and poor audio quality in the filming now. The next video is on the 997 Porsche 911 Turbo which was an amazing car, that video will be ready in weeks.

Lotus Evora – A Dentists infiltration!

I had to disguise myself as a qualified dentist along the same lines as my dentist and friend Angelo to sneak my way past the dealer and into the driver’s seat of the new Evora.

Why do you say? well he got a very lucky drive of the car just last week as just one of the select chosen few as the car isn’t even shipping to customers in Australia yet.

Would you believe it, the $2 disguise worked, it was that good and I managed to get a good 45mins drive of the Evora around the eastern suburbs twisty roads.


‘intelligent’ glasses and ‘Qualified Dentist’ stick on post-it note disguise

Ok so what did I think? Well you can really feel the Lotus DNA from the Elise/Exige/Europa shining through in spades. I can best describe the ride and chassis feel like an Elise/Exige with a bit more weight which allows the imperfections in the roads to be soaked up better, akin to a more German chassis setup.

What does that mean? Well there is all of the mechanical grip and feeling like you get from an Elise/Exige, but with none of the crashing when you drive over potholes or large joins in the road.

Outward visibility, I noticed the rear view is obstructed quite heavily by the plastic engine cover shroud. Although the side mirrors are much larger than on the Elise/Exige, and more than make up for the lack of view from the center mirror.

Steering is precise and communicative like in the Elise/Exige, if a little more weighted in feel, great.

The gear action is similar to the Elise R/SC/Exige’s 6-speed but with a slightly less ‘notchy’ feel which suits the cars character better. The pedals are perfectly spaced like on the Elise/Exige for heel and toeing although I found the engine doesn’t respond as quickly as the 4-cyliinders when carrying out a heel & toe change.

The 6 cylinder engine idles and plays out its song much more beautifully than the 4 cylinders we are used to in our cars. Its vocals over around 3000 rpm sound lovely, not throaty or raw, but rich and warm, defiantly nicer to listen to over the Elise/Exiges standard exhausts sound.

The performance, well I think I’m spoilt a little coming from a 4 seconds flat supercharged car but it was a little lacking for me in a straight line. There is more show of torque when flattening your foot in a high gear on a hill, but for me where the perfections of all other areas of the car excelled, it desperately needed more power.

Don’t get me wrong though, as I said I’m a bit spoilt so if you came from a naturally aspirated Elise/Exige you would be happy with the performance until inevitably an official or 3rd party supercharger kit will come out for the car and you’ll be laughing all the way to the track. =)

Sydney to Gong ride photos – We went well

Sanna and I successfully completed the 90km Sydney to Wollongong bike ride on Sunday morning! To prove to all you lovely people who sponsored me here are some photos and to tell you how we went.


On the train to the start line and still waking up

It was a early start at 6:00am to be up for a Sunday but we had our power breakfast ready that we always have before doing a big sporting event. It consists of 2 slices of wholemeal bread with a banana sliced up and lots of honey.

We got on the train to the start line at St Peters park from central station and we officially crossed the Start line at 7:25am.

The first hour was very congested with other riders, nestling on the road for a space in amongst the 9,998 other riders. While we were in the city also we were all stopped by a lot Red traffic lights.


In the first hour of riding and there was a lot of congestion

Once we were out of the city though the riders all broke up and distanced themselves a bit and we were free to ride at a good pace we were comfortable at.  Sanna was doing really well and struggled on a few of the steep long hills a little of the royal national park but overall she rode much faster than I thought she would.


during the morning tea break quick break

We didn’t stop eating through the ride, in the morning there was morning tea with a muffin with tea or coffee. Then we stopped halfway in the royal national park for a quick sausage sizzle in a roll with barbeque sauce. Then 3/4 of the way we stopped for Gatorade drink and fresh apples, oranges and bananas.


Lunchtime, quick sausage sizzle in a roll with barbeque sauce

There was a guy dressed up as Borat riding along the way which was grossing everyone out. I told him with that green man-kini up his bum if he farted he would whistle, he told me he know and he’s been holding them in all the way. 🙂


Borat on a bike! thank god he had the pink pants on! 

We crossed the line at 1:00pm so we we did it in 5 and a half hours including all the breaks.


We made it together 

Thank you gratefully for the 11 people who sponsored me for the days ride who were:
(in no particular order)

Antonio Santucci,
Barry Mather,
Cameron Long,
Paul Whitman,
Simon Caruso,
Terry Bedford,
Damien Huet,
Mad & Loic

and whoever you are that just listed your name as ‘So close… – Who would do that?’

Next year I may attempt the ride again for a 3rd year but next time I may try to aim for a competitive time and ride as quick a time as my legs will take me.