Holiday to UK August 2018

Here are some of my favourite photos and memories from our August 2018 holiday to the UK.

The Jacuzzi got a good workout, it was good to see Doris and Alex too.

Thumbs up kids!!

Peter Rabbit was the favourite movie it seemed,

We enjoyed some lovely walks in the countryside, this one was around ‘WhiteWays’ where I mountain biked a lot also.

My old mates, Paul Rumsey and Keith Highland.

Lunch at the Gribble inn in Oving near Chichester.

English barbie 🙂

Me fixing up my 20-25 year old Mountain bike, and Mike trying to fix the kids quad bike.

Catching up with old friends, Tim, Leo and Rich Earnshaw.

Some traditional fish and chips at ‘Freds’ fish & chips in Littlehamton by the river side.

Mountain biking on my 20-25 yea old bike back where I rode 20-25 years ago. This area was called ‘The Pits’ and was where all the kids and teenagers when to ride their bikes. Now its a Private 4wd park.

Feeding the birds at ‘Swanbourne Lake’ near Arundel.

A lovely family photo near ‘Swanbourne Lake’ near Arundel.

We went ‘scrumping’ corn from the local farmers fields.

More fun in my parents hay barn. The hay is for all the horses over the winter.

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