Shimano MTB race Glenrock

I took part in a MTB race this weekend with my mate Ian. It was a team relay event where we each do a lap each in as fastest time possible. The winning team is who does the most laps in 4 hours. It was all setup in the bush near Newcastle, all the marquees are from the professional race teams with all their equipment.

I’ve never done an event like this before, their were more professionals taking part than other events i’ve been in. Normally you go from point A to point B getting across the ground in the quickest time possible, and its a long distance with no rest.

This event was good fun as you go as hard as you can for a lap and finish, eat and drink quick to fuel up, rest for 20 mins, then warm up and ‘tag’ the team mate coming in from their lap.

Sanna was our ‘team manager’ and she had to let us know how long till the other person was coming in from their lap by watching the clock. She did a good job but our transitions could have been a lot smoother! Good jump below:

Looks like i’m riding in a tropical rain forest doesn’t it, but this is just 2 hours north of Sydney.

Rocky Trail Entertainment’s Shimano GP round 1 at Glenrock

One transition, Ian went off to warm up down the road and when I got back from my lap he was not there, he came back and it was a 30-45 second transition, doh! oh well. Photo of me after a lap, I pushed myself hard each lap.

We didn’t train much and came 16th overall and 3rd in our age group, so very happy with that! I’m sure a lot of it is down to having such a good bike. I hope to do more events this year, I really enjoyed it, and i’m thankful to Sanna coming to support me and joining in.