Skypeing to Japan


At Jade and John’s  Skypeing to Tan in Japan to arrange our trip to Japan in a couple of months.

A mind boggling trip already:

Fri 8th – Mark & Sann arrive
Sat 9th PM – Jade & Jon arrive (Jade, CONVINCE JON!!!!!). Hit up some weird & wacky bars in Tokyo.
Sun 10th PM – Explore Tokyo (Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, etc etc). More delish food & weird & wacky bars!
Mon 11th – AM Tskuji Fish Markets, then head to Mt Fuji 5th Station. Climb to summit and stay overnight.
Tues 12th – Descend Mt Fuji and leisurely make way back to Kobe.. Relax around Kobe.
Wed 13th – Explore Kobe, could take a trip to Osaka to visit Castle.
Thurs 14th – Kyoto sightseeing – Stay Overnight
Fri 15th – Kyoto sightseeing contd, incl. markets, Gion District etc
Sat 16th – Kobe – Bar crawl / Karaoke / Pachinko
Sun 17th – Kobe – Maybe Kobe Beef Steak for our Last Supper? 🙂
Mon 18th – Jade & Jon / Sann & Mark fly out

Sanna and I ice skating

Sanna and I went ice skating in the middle of Sydney last night. They’ve setup a temporary ice skate ring in Darling Harbour.

We havnt ice skated for many years but after 20 minutes we were going quite fast so quickly. I think its because its the same motion as pushing along a flat bit in skiing.

Afterwards we had hot gluwein and German sausages with sauerkraut in a bun. Not bad for $40 each! Sydney 2nd most expensive city in the world now!





Jenolan Cave Ghosts tour

I organised a trip of 12 Friends to drive 3 hours West of Sydney to the other side of the Blue Mountains to go see the Jenolan caves and to go on a underground ghosts stories tour of the caves.

All of Jays great photos can be seen in his album from the trip here> but these are my favourite ones below.

On the way the guys stopped for a  drone flying session


Greg’s seriously very expensive flying drone with live camera feed and GPS,


Brendon and Joel also flew theirs.


Joel and Easton watching the live footage from the drones aerial camera.


This is the cottage where we stayed, it was freezing outside around 5 degree’s



Map of the caves from the early 1900’s


All ready for the tour and in the  warmth of the Caves tour guides office.


Descending into the caves


Twisting stairs down into the caves


Beautiful features


Underground river, although its very very still and doesn’t appear to be moving


The group ascending back to the surface


Back outside and it was a lot colder than in the caves. Caves temperature 15 degree’s, outside around 5 degree’s


By the way we didn’t see any ghosts Winking smile The whole trip was Interesting!

Sanna and me very cold on the way home at the 3 sisters.