Riding in Bundeena – The Yacht Club

Last weekend Sanna re-attended the Wild Horizons Mountain Bike skills clinic (the first time she fell off and hurt herself and had to go home) in Bundeena 2 hours drive south west of Sydney. Its all forests and flat and hilly bits, the location of the best local mountain biking races, the 3 Rings circus and the Highland Fling. IMG_20121007_123128IMG_20121007_123142

I met a new friend named Michel from Switzerland, he was one of the other women on the Skill Clinc’s husband. We briefly introduced ourselves and then went on a days ride in the forests. Such clean air and lovely pine forests to ride through.

The track we rode on was called ‘The yacht club’, when we got to the halfway point we find out why. Some people had somehow dumped a massive metal old yacht there in the middle of the forest, how they got such a massive heavy think there so far from the sea who knows?


Was really hungry after a good ride so at the Bundeena cafe on the corner the ‘Ye Olde Bicycle Shop & Cafe’ needed a beef burger for lunch and some lovely cheesecake, YUM!IMG_20121007_150143

Ibis Mojo 7/4/11 update

Ibis out in the green bushIbis out in the green bush of NSW Australia

Long time since last update of the all carbon Ibis Mojo SL, had it for 14 months now, it seems to have a few fans with your comments!

Its still going well, been ridden 2-5 times a week so its getting a larger amount of riding that most bikes so will show its wear. Drive train now needs replacing as its 100% worn but that normal for this much riding over 14 months. Not sure to replace just the worn bits with more XT bits or start swapping in some XTR bits and swap to the new 10 speed on the rear.

There was a slight creaking from the forks/headset area but this was fixed up by the shop I bought it from in Sydney’s CBD. Apparently its know for FOX forks to develop creaking sometimes. Was fixed up with some lube and some tightening.

Off for some more rides.