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Early morning ride

Last night I thought, with Sanna away on business to Brisbane until tomorrow, i’ll do something different, I’ll get up early and ride out Watsons bay/South head.

I got here just before 7:30am to see the early morning sun shining over the harbor. In the photo you can just about make out the city 11km away in the distance, It’s very peaceful.


This 2nd photo is of the old red and white lighthouse at the South head of Sydney harbor.


Riding Sydney to the gong for charity, please sponsor me

I am riding the Sydney to Wollongong ride again this year along with some friends and this year Sanna too.

Please help sponsor me for just $20 each to help me reach my $200 target for charity!!

Click the page below to go to my donations site and you can see how I am doing to reach my target.


The course is 90km in total and after you leave the flat parts of Sydney city you get out into the countryside and there are some good sized hills to get up and down. 10,000 people are taking part in the event this year starting at 6am on the morning of the 1st of November, its a great event to take part in.

Here is the course map:


Here is the course gradient map showing the hills that will be getting in my way:


Right I’ve decided as this is for charity, if I manage to double my target and get $400 in sponsorship I’ll do the ride as: