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Porsche Cayenne Turbo S – Porsche’s most powerful car ever

We all knew it would be coming soon, the range topping absurdly over the top powered Cayenne turbo S to take wife, kids and the family dog to near to warp inducing speeds. For if the previous range topping Cayenne Turbo was not enough for you with its 368 kW (500 hp) V8 engine and Acceleration from 0-100kph in 5.1s was not enough here comes a sledgehammer of performance figures.

The engineers from Leipzig have tweaked the Turbocharged Cayenne’s 4.8 litre V8 to now provide 404kW (550 hp) of power and an extra 50 Nm of torque through a modified exhaust and engine control improvements. This improvement of power and torque brings this latest 4×4 powerhouse SUV the title of Porsches most powerful production Porsche ever, increasing on the Porsche GT2’s power output by an additional 20hp.


Black painted grills and fan inlets the only front design changes

The exterior of this classy beast hasn’t really made any changes for the better, this won’t please the fan base of ‘Cayenne visual looks’ haters with no substantial changes being made to the Cayenne Turbo’s looks. As standard the 21 inch SportPlus alloy wheels are fitted at all four corners and at the rear a quad port aluminium exhaust system with sports silencers give the car a slightly more sporty roar under throttle pressure.

To stop all this 2.4 tonnes of luxury SUV in its turbo infueled pace are 6-piston 410 mm brake disks up front with 4-piston 370 mm’s at the rear. The carbon ceramic brakes as shown with brightly coloured Yellow brake callipers are an option as always on this Cayenne and susprisingly as a Porsche range-topper not fitted as standard.

The Turbo S comes complete with all of Porsche’s trick suspension technologies such as variable height air suspension, ride-control height and Porsches Active Suspension Management (PASM) system as found on all of Porsche’s sportier high-end, higher priced models.


From the rear a slight design change in the quad
exhausts are the only real difference

On the Interior most of the Cayenne’s option packs are now standard on this range topper, with sports seats with memory, aluminium door panels boasting  the ‘Turbo S’ naming, two-tone leather interior with exclusive colour choices, and Porsches great sat-nav system ‘Porsche Communication Multimedia System Management’ (PCM) all as standard.

With the Cayenne Turbo retailing at $215k, expect the Cayenne Turbo S to go on sale soon with a Porsche sized premium on top of that, my guess around the $240k -$255k mark.


In other Porsche news, the new Porsche Web Cinema area of the Porsche website has just been opened. This is a showcase of all of Porsche’s great online videos they have crafted which are some of the best in the business as far as car manufacturing marketing videos go. A few movies of Porsche’s historic motor racing are contained also along with some recent footage of Porsche attempt at the Transsyberia Rally 2008, check it out.


The new Porsche Web Cinema experince has opened its doors

Source: Porsche AU