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BMW & Lotus


BMWandLotusMy friend Easton just bought a lovely new BMW M240i in Blue, my favourite car colour of course. We took it for a first country drive along with my Lotus and Brendon’s Black BMW Z4M Coupe.

Easton took this photo from his ‘DJI Mavic’ drone quickly, it produces such a great professional look with very little fiddling with the settings. As with all the photos on my blog, dont forget you can click them to load them up in full quality, full screen.

Macquarie Pass climb with the BMW M3

This footage was recorded back in October 2009, when we spent a couple of days with brilliant BMW M3. The weather was kind to us through our trip and many of the roads were ultra smooth to allow us to experiment with the handling characteristics of this great car.

This particular video was filmed during the Macquarie pass, a hill climb road just 30km’s South West of Wollongong in New South Wales. Its surface is silky smooth, benefiting from a fairly recent re-surface and the 7.7km pass features smooth sweeping turns with only 1 overtaking section near to the top.

The BMW M3 is a very neutral balanced car, which makes it a pleasure to be driven on roads like these. Just listen to the way the V8 engine loves to rev, as we make our way up the pass.

On a technical note, this was the first video I’ve completed featuring a accurate map overlay tracking the cars location as we progress up the hill. This proved pretty time intensive to complete in a accurate way but I am very happy with the tracking results and many thanks to friend Jay Ng for his assistance in this area.

BMW M3 & AMG 63 Black Series videos complete

I have been a busy body with running filming and editing for 2 new dream car videos with my reviewing/filming partner in crime Brendon. Both these videos were shot over 2 weekends with spending 3 days with each car and we were lucky with the weather on location for both shoots. By today both videos have had over 400 views on YouTube combined already which is good going. So onto the videos:

BMW M3 E92 – Details and Australian countryside drive

Brendon and I take an example of the latest iconic BMW M3 out for a test on the great driving roads South of Wollongong Australia. We discover what a sweetly setup car it is and how it craves for even a little bit more power.

AMG 63 Black Series – product tour and drive, AU

What happens when you combine a German saloon with a muscle car, strip out the heavy bits and replace them with Carbon fibre, you get the AMG 63 ‘Black Series’ of course. Brendon and I take the ‘Black Series’ out on the twisty roads of the south Hunter valley Australia and take in that gut-churning V8.

Video filming and editing quality is slowly improving I feel with each video. We are starting to eliminate things like camera shake and poor audio quality in the filming now. The next video is on the 997 Porsche 911 Turbo which was an amazing car, that video will be ready in weeks.