My first car review published with an on-line magazine

I feel a teeny weenie bit proud of myself today as my first car review was published to the on-line car magazine yesterday. I have been doing a bit of part-time work for the team at ‘TMR’ as the team refer to themselves internally, for past 2 months, and some of that work paid of with this article being published yesterday.

myTMREliseReview.jpgI wrote this car review towards the end of last summer, in fact if you look through this blogs archive you will find the previous un-edited version here. Now it has finally been picked up by an on-line magazine and has been published on-line yesterday as my first published car review. I’m hoping this will lead to more work in the future when I’m allowed to and I find time to do it from ‘the day job’ (always the problem) but I thought I’d share it with you.


For me personally I found it an interesting process how the article goes through the editorial process by the magazines editor, then a photo shoot, then it goes through the Art department to get ‘jazzed’ up and then finally goes to be published.


I hope you find it an interesting read as I found it to work with the team on the article:

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