Doom on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

I just spent a geeky afternoon creating my first public AMI (Amazon Machine Image) think VM Template in VMware speak, on AWS (Amazon Web Services), of course it had to be dedicated to my old favourite DOOM Smile. There are no games on the AWS community marketplace so this is the first, what better way to test out the cloud than playing a 90’s classic game J

Or deploy your own instance from the AWS community marketplace, just search for ‘doom’, deploy the instance with defaults and the username: administrator password: doomgame


Here it is running, you can run it in a window or full screen. It runs a little bit slow but its fast enough to play and all sound effects and music is working although there is around a ½ second delay on the sound effects. I think the delay on the sound and framerate is not the CPU power of the AWS instance as it isn’t maxing out CPU, I think its remote desktop client struggling, anyway have fun.


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