IT Position Suitability Analysis

Something I put together after a coffee with a local IT recruiter the other day. We got chatting about what is the perfect IT position (job), what factors do you need to decide if its right for you? This is especially important to me as a IT contractor where I switch job to job every 6-12 months and you often have to compare if the engagement/project your being offered (or at least to discuss) is better or not compared to your current one.

IT Position Suitability Analysis

With the attached sheet you just simply just rate the position out of 10 for each attribute, 10 being the best. The larger the surface area in the chart, the closer you are top your perfect position! These are the attributes to rate:

1)      Money (as high as possible).

2)      Tech stack (as interesting/new as possible).

3)      The job itself – projects/ops, senior/junior, specialist/generalist.

4)      Commute/ hours logged per week / times of day worked (night shift, changing shifts etc) (the fewer and most convenient the better!).

5)      Length of role / progression opportunities / safety of tenure (the longer the better or the most flexible the better depending on situation).

6)      Culture fit – Social aspect of your team or the company fits with yours.

Here’s the link to the Excel sheet (Excel 2013 .xlsx):

IT Position Suitability Analysis

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