Christmas holiday 2014 in Sussex England –Christmas day & end of trip

Sanna and I spent 3 weeks in Sussex with my parents for the 2014 Christmas break. Here are some of the best photos. They might be in a bit of a random order.

This is Christmas day 2014 with all the Bedford family unwrapping their presents., Here’s my old Nan unwrapping a pressie.20141225_140231Father Christmas’s here with my mum.20141225_141859

Christmas day dinner with 13 of us for dinner.20141225_174905_Richtone(HDR)I visited my old friend Mark Akky on boxing day at his house in Felpham, he must have the 4 most well behaved kids I’ve ever met.20141226_131406

The Tea Pot I gave my mum for Christmas and some good quality Twinning’s tea from the Twining’s shop and museum we visited in London.20141226_135832_Richtone(HDR)

I visited my old College in Chichester where I studied Computing for 4 years to do some reminiscing. On the wall I found where I scratched in words.
“Kickass Rulez” Mu old name in Doom and Quake was ‘Kickass’.
”MT is GOD” MT was my old friend Mike Thompson.
”Rumsey is a poof” me taking the piss out of old friend Paul Rumsey.20141227_101457Sanna and I made Jamie Oliver’s big Turkey Wellington again this year like we did for her family last year. It was a great success again and I think came out even better than last year.IMG_20141225_173403

Nicki, Katie and Sanna, having a good chat over a cuppa.20141218_165339

Sanna, Dad and mum in Portsmouth seafront as we took a walk along the ‘Millennium walk’ to Portsmouth’s Gun Warf for shopping.20141219_141511_Richtone(HDR)

Exploring Portsmouth’s old round fort on the ‘Millennium walk’.20141219_142638_Richtone(HDR)

A small harbour in Portsmouth’s gun Warf area, I would think this would be a lovely place to live, but the houses would be expensive.20141219_143659_Richtone(HDR)

On board the HMS Warrior for a Black tie dinner event.20141219_191834_LLS20141219_192002_LLS

Cornish Sharps Doom Bar Ale, a very good beer.20141219_194406_LLS

Before dinner on the old HMS Warrior for dinner.20141219_194550_LLSAll the old tables were set for dinner for the ‘Victorian Christmas; dinner event.20141219_201353_LLS

Sanna enjoying her food as always20141219_203800_LLS

We were free to explore the depths of the HMS Warrior whilst on board, this photo is of Sanna in the engine room level in the base of the old ship.20141219_205807_LLS

Above ship on the main deck, a lovely photo but it was around 0 degree’s when I took this photo, so it felt REALLY cold.20141219_224618_LLS

Joining dad and Grandad in the Nags head in Chichester before the annual Christmas wheelbarrow club event. 20141220_112630-SMILE

The annual event which goes back hundreds of years, the local people dress up in silly clothes and take some presents to the old peoples homes in return for some mulled wine and mince pies.T20141220_113447

There was no sensible answer given to why this guy had a large rocket?20141220_113541

As part of the tradition of the event, Father Christmas pushing the mayor of Chichester in a very old wooden wheelbarrow being joined by traditional Morris dancers. No one really knows how all this started but its over 100 years old.20141220_121805

Sanna trying to make a phone call at the Black Rabbit pub in Arundel.


Another great English Ale, this one called Cocker Hoop.20141223_184313

My nanny Bedford enjoying her TV quiz shows in my parents living.20141224_094711_Richtone(HDR)

My dads alcohol cabinet, full of all kinds of drinks from all over the world.


Visiting my old friend Claire from Bognor Regis for the day, I said she looks similar to the bear Smile20141224_121856_Richtone(HDR)

I hit this Black boxer in the face with my plastic bag to take him down.20141224_123316_Richtone(HDR)

Sanna with Nicki’s little Harry.20141224_153842_Richtone(HDR)

Me Sanna went for a chilly English countryside walk in Slindon with Nicki and baby Harry,20141224_160440_Richtone(HDR)-SMILE20141224_160507

Sanna doing a lot of chilling out time at the family kitchen table to chill out from Cousin Jacks.20141224_182532

My dad and Sanna looking for a drink for Sanna from the alcohol cabinet.


My grandad bought a special Christmas festive jumper for Christmas day.20141225_131152

Father Christmas (my dad dressed up) came toot see the children on Christmas day. Little Katie was scared until after 1 minute she released it was my dad and started saying “Grandad that you”.20141225_135208

Presents giving time with Father Christmas on Christmas day.20141225_135307

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