Japan Kobe’s world famous beef


You can be forgiven for not knowing this (as I didnt) but Japan’s Kobe beef is meant to be the most expensive and best in the world. $55 for a meal of 150g Kobe beef and some rice and a few veggies.

Why so exy, well the cows are individually looked after by groomers who feed them beer to give them the munchies to make them want to eat more.

The groomers also take swigs of sake in their mouths and spray it over the cows and pat and groom them. This is meant to get rid of any flies or ticks from the cow, and also gets the groomers drunk, so they must like their jobs. Sounds crazy bit I’ve watched it being done on YouTube.

The beef has a lot of marbling of fat to give it a juicy soft texture.


The chef cooks the beef right in front of you on a hot plate. He is very fast with his tongs and knifes.


He also cooked some veggies and tofu and all the offcuts which had a little bit of fat in them he cooked crunchy and put into a bean sprout salad.


I recorded a video of the chef doing all the slicing and cooking, I will put it on my YouTube channel.

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