Brendon’s Birthday surprise

Happy  Birthday to my best mate Brendon! 29 on Friday! We surprised him at a friends recording studio Tommirock in Newcastle. We all hid in the studio with the lights out and jumped out, he didn’t have a clue, well done to Easton for organising the surprise and not letting it on to him.

Brendon’s Birthday–blowing out the candles

photo 3

Happy Birthday Captain Sunnies

photo 4

Cake portion control out of control

photo 5

Easton’s portion was just totally out of control

photo 1photo 2

Music studio webcams, good job Brendon didn’t
know about these before we surprised him

We were in a music studio so we had to record a amazing live version of the Nyan Cat song haha Smile I was rocking out at the piano at the back in the pink sunnies.

Brendon’s birthday music video

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