Supercar Spin March show all done

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Supercar Spin March show

> Watch the show in HD here <

All done with the March show of Supercar Spin, this month we have news from McLaren, Porsche, Jaguar, Lamborghini and Aston Martin. Brendon and I had the most fun making this show yet I think.

What did we try new this month? well my friend Ash gave lots of top tips from his presenting/filming experience and one of them was to try filming in takes instead of one long 10 minute filming. So this is the first show trying that method out, how’s it look? better than before?

The other new bit for this month was that friend Jay Ng make a new titles sequence for us. He didn’t have time to get it to us in HD (that will be included next month) but we still got in in this months show, just before the deadline.

Just had the first comment on YouTube for this show and its a nice positive comment:

“i like it :). i like how you guys add your own opinions about
the cars rather than just telling us the specs.”

What’s new for next month? well we have a new filming location for a trial and also the possibility of a guest presenter also for  a trial and guess what she’s a girl that’s really into her cars, a rare find.

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