1st real episode of Supercar Spin show

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Hi all, Brendon and I filmed the 1st real episode of the Supercar spin show last weekend.  We got great positive comments on the pilot show so we thought lets do it and make a proper 1st episode.

Filmed in Brendon’s office we took everyone’s comments on board and made some real improvements behind the scenes:

  1. Brendon look at the camera more!
  2. Don’t talk over each other so much
  3. Try and inject some more character and fun
  4. Use a light on the background so we don’t get shadows on the back wall
  5. Brendon used a Autocue (MS PowerPoint on Laptop) for a trial and I used good old fashioned paper to refer to
  6. Include some video of the cars not just images
  7. Include the cars stats or main points of each story
  8. Make our small logo in the news bar down the bottom easier to read

I hope we improved on our Pilot episode, so here is the 1st episode:

‘Supercar Spin September 2010’ – Lotus Paris Auto show special

There was so much news for September we had to include a special additional part to episode 1 on all the new models Lotus released at the Paris Auto show, here is this extra bit:

‘Supercar Spin September 2010’ The Monthly Supercar & Sports Car Roundup

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