Aston Martin DB9 Review published


Back in ooooohhh.. March I think now, I had a piece of English heritage, the Aston Martin DB9 to spend some time with over 3 days.

At the time I took Sanna and Damien away for a day trip with it up to Lake Macquarie. I remember Sanna being squished up in the tiny back seats but she still came all the same, although she got some neck ache from it in the end. We had a good time and Damien fulfilled one of his dreams to have a go in a Aston Martin his dream car.

Over the 3 days I wrote a review up on the car and it is finally published up on TheMotorReport magazines website. The editors hacked my wording around a bit this time but I’m very happy with the results from the photo shoot which was done around Sydney Olympic park over a long hot morning. Click the Aston Martin image above to go to the full review.

Here are a couple of behind the scenes photos from our time shared with the car:


Sanna squished up in the back trying to use the tiny rear seats


Damien fulfilling one of his dreams

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