Little Loti update

Have covered 600+ km’s and 1 track day at Oran Park Raceway so far after the supercharger install and I’m still very impressed with the VF Stage 1 kit.

On the straights at track days, pre-supercharger I would be level with the likes of BMW M3’s, and modified EVO’s would pull away slowly, now it is just pulling hard right past everything on the track right up to 210kph in 5th, where I eased off at the end of Oran Park’s straight. Sanna now says ‘Little Loti has big balls’

I look forwards to getting to a track day soon where there are some exotic supercars, if I can stay level with them on the straight I’ll be more than happy as I’ll get them on the twisty bits 🙂

Friend Brenden from the Lotus club has also fitted a fire doodah for an extra insurance policy using one of his great brackets (highly recommended if you don’t want to drill into your metal floor).

Looks just like it could have been a factory fitted option, just what I was looking for, thanks heaps Brenden.


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