Whats going on around here then?

If you’ve been keeping up with Beddysblog.com since I started it just over a year ago you may of noticed a distinct increase in me writing about all things on 4 wheels and a bit less about my life. Fear not I have not decided to allow my life to be taken over by cars and there is nothing else going on in my life, far from that, I’m really busy with work in the day and having fun with Sanna, Damien and my friends in the spare time I manage to get around that.

What I have been doing though is putting some time into writing about my love (as well as Sanna), my fascination of the motor industry and my entertainment, which is cars and the motoring industry in general on here more and more, as you can see I have been doing. Im trying to get some work together which is mainly around news articles on car marquee’s I find interesting and the odd review of a car here and there whenever I can get my hands on one for a day or 2 to review.

So as I said fear not my life is still going on behind the scenes having fun and when a holiday crops up to escape Sydney I’ll be posting the photos up here like normal, just  now im writing a lot about my passion in life, the motoring industry and as the UK’s EVO magazine says,

‘The thrill of driving’



One thought on “Whats going on around here then?”

  1. The real mystery is – who is writing these entries? We all know you can’t spell or construct sentences for s**t, do you have a proof reader now? And is this all part of a plan to be on some aussie Top Gear?

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