Road trip to Bathurst/Orange for the weekend

Hi yah all,
Sanna and I made longish road trip out into the countryside past the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney. We covered 660km’s in 2 days, I drove 550km’s of that and was great fun getting a good distance run in the car. We were battered by wind and rainstorms as winter in Sydney is starting to say its goodbyes and the car stood up well and got us home warm and safely.
I met up with Ben from the Lotus Elise’s forum on-line who arranged some cheap accommodation, when I say cheap it wasn’t rubbish, far from it, it was a 2 floor, sleeps 5-6, really nice huge apartment (huge by Sydney standards) for half price. He arranged for me to have secure parking underground for the car for the night too. He had a lovely Yellow Elise 111S model. 5 years difference between his Lotus Elise and mine but from the outside you just wouldn’t know. It’s a tribute to cars design when they don’t change it or change very little over the years, just like the Porsche 911, refined for over 20 years now.
Bathurst is famous for its racetrack being the biggest and most famous in all of Australia’s motor racing history. Although its hours and hours drive from Sydney and days drive from anywhere else, people drive there in their 1000’s during the V8 Supercars race season known as the Bathurst 1000.
Here we took to the track as normally it is a 2 way public road limited to 60kph. The police check the straights for speeding but never the twisty upper ‘mountain’ section where we had some fun.
As I took Ben around in my car to see the difference 5 years of design improvements can make to a car, Sanna drove his car, she said it was VERY nosey, which it was as it was fitted with a special exhaust from Europe, made mine sound like a Mini Metro with its standard exhaust!
In Big W (that’s Woolworths in the UK) we found Sanna’s model of the family, her niece Basima, she did some modelling for big W and is in all their stores and in the catalogue too, good on her, but I think the one of the left is cute’r 
The last highlight was that Ben who I had never met in person before said that he found out that the new Porsche GT3 RS is my current dream car and being his family is in the picture/art business he framed up a lovely photo for me for a surprise and gave it to me as a present, I was really chuffed!

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