My dream car

Ok a car nerd moment for me. This is my dream car to own one day. The Porsche GT3 RS from 2007. This is a extremely rare limited production Porsche part made for ultimate track fun and part the ultimate drivers car for the road.

When it was released in 2007 it won countless car of the year awards for its race derived 2.6l flat 6 engine and was said to be the most perfect drivers car ever made at the time.

Oh I dream one day, but ultimately in Green with Black details that it came in.

It’ll never happen, too expensive at over $200k and collectors very rarely let them go. Ive even seen collectors garage the cars in what looks like their large living rooms behind glass to look at.

I was lucky to find one for sale and have a look at with Brendon the other day in Black with orange details.




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