Skypeing to Japan


At Jade and John’s  Skypeing to Tan in Japan to arrange our trip to Japan in a couple of months.

A mind boggling trip already:

Fri 8th – Mark & Sann arrive
Sat 9th PM – Jade & Jon arrive (Jade, CONVINCE JON!!!!!). Hit up some weird & wacky bars in Tokyo.
Sun 10th PM – Explore Tokyo (Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, etc etc). More delish food & weird & wacky bars!
Mon 11th – AM Tskuji Fish Markets, then head to Mt Fuji 5th Station. Climb to summit and stay overnight.
Tues 12th – Descend Mt Fuji and leisurely make way back to Kobe.. Relax around Kobe.
Wed 13th – Explore Kobe, could take a trip to Osaka to visit Castle.
Thurs 14th – Kyoto sightseeing – Stay Overnight
Fri 15th – Kyoto sightseeing contd, incl. markets, Gion District etc
Sat 16th – Kobe – Bar crawl / Karaoke / Pachinko
Sun 17th – Kobe – Maybe Kobe Beef Steak for our Last Supper? 🙂
Mon 18th – Jade & Jon / Sann & Mark fly out

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