The lost Supercar Spin episode and all the Bloopers

So Brendon has finally got around to editing the final ‘Lost episode’ of our old TVS show ‘Supercar Spin’. It definitely brings back a flood of good memories. We all wished we had enough time to continue this. Also he spent many hours trawling through all the old footage to make a 4 part Bloopers reel, this really made us laugh. This is what Brendon had to say on FaceBook about the Bloopers:


Supercar Spin February 2012 (The Lost Episode) – Boxster, Audi RS4-TRS Plus

The bloopers are definitely the funniest, all 4 parts are below.

Bloopers – Part 1 – Supercar Spin

Bloopers – Part 2 – Supercar Spin

Bloopers – Part 3 – Supercar Spin

Bloopers – Part 4 – Supercar Spin

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