Easton’s 30th Birthday in Newcastle and RS4 hits the big 100,000km

It was my friend Easton’s 30th birthday in Newcastle this weekend. Brendon and I drove up separately in our own cars so we could setup mattress’s in the back of our cars to camp out. We’ve never done this before but with the size of the back of our cars with the back seats down it made perfect sense.

We parked outside Easton’s house and Brendon got a full size mattress in the back of his Mercedes!


I had a king single in mine with a duvet underneath and another big duvet over the top. It as very confortable and I had power to charge my phone, my own personal lighting buttons to turn the lighting on and off and entertainment from the cars stereo and movies on my tablet, it was 1st class.


Now we setup our beds we were off to Easton’s 30th birthday at the local pub where he hired a room.

Easton’s birthday throne.


Opening presents


The presents table, A good photo memory on canvas of our road trip earlier this year.


Brendon swooning with the ladies.


Easton’s birthday speech


Two cakes, first cake a detailed copy of his own watch.


Second cake a Snickers cake it was the best tasting!


Some more presents including the ‘The Chang’ engraved hip flask I got him.


A close-up of the model car he got which is a special car from the game Gran Turismo 5, its very very detailed, and delicate, I made sure not to touch it too much.


Inferior party pies! this is why I made pasties, yucky Australia pies, all mincemeat and gravy!


Back at Easton’s we played some games before getting to bed. Sleeping out in the RS4 was great, here’s a video I made just after waking up.

The other birthday to happen is on the way home the RS4 got to the grand old age of 100,000km’s!!!

So it is its birthday so for its present I have booked it in to get its insides cleaned out! It has a 4.2l V8 direct fuel injection FSI engine which gets carbon deposits built up inside as a by-product of its design. So I have booked up for this Wednesday for the engine to be taken apart, cleaned inside and to be tuned. The engine will feel great and like it was new again all cleaned and scrubbed inside.


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