Off on our Honeymoon

3 months after our wedding our honeymoon as finally come about, it has seemed to take forever to come but it is now here. Come tomorrow morning we will be flying to the US for a 1 day stopover in Los Angles for a quick it of shopping and then down to South America to the centre of the amazon to the city of Manaus.

From there we cruise along the river stopping along the way to explore the fishing villages and the rain forest. Then we stop at the old penal colony of Devils Island to see some ruins and same history.

Then we cruise up to the Caribbean with a stopover to swim with some turtles and then finishing up in Florida in the US. We then have a Mustang convertible booked for 2 days to drive down the Florida keys and back and then our honeymoon is over. Here’s the map:


I’ll update this blog with photos when I have internet access.

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