In flight meal – worst ever


This has to be the worst in flight meal we’ve ever got on a flight. This was served to us on the Copa Airlines flight from Panama to Manaus in the jungle.

The meat in the burger might have been dog or something, it might have been as we’ve seen so many street dogs in Manaus. I bet your next plane food will be better.

2 thoughts on “In flight meal – worst ever”

  1. Wow!

    By the looks of things you got the caterers at the side of the runway?! 🙁

    Could be worse, on the return flight from South Africa this huge woman, that wedged me in between her and the window seat for 14hrs, had a foul smelling cosher meal with chickens feet!? (No pun intended) lol

    Hope you both have a great time on your honeymoon from now! 🙂

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