Bloody HOT!

This is how hot it gets in Sydney when we have a heat wave, 43 degree’s almost halfway to water boiling that hot!

Right now at 4:30pm in the afternoon its just over 41 degree’s outside. We have no air-con at home so if we open the windows or balcony doors all the hot air will come pouring in. I’m tempted to stick a frying pan out there and see if we can cook a egg.


It is so hot that the Australia Bureau of Meteorology or the BOM as all aussies call it, has had to create a new colour for their heat chart, a deep purple to show 54 degrees in the outback!


We tried to offer iced water to our customers at Cousin Jacks to give them a break from the heat.


This is how one of the horses of Sydney cools down having a drink in the 43 degree heat today.

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