Glow worm tunnel Lithgow Blue Mountains nr Sydney

IMG_2124At the Northern end of the Glow worm tunnel

This Sunday Damien, dad, Sanna and me went for a 2 hour drive from Sydney to the North West area of the Blue Mountains to visit the Glow worm tunnel I’ve always heard of. The final 30 km’s is on VERY rough unsealed road so I really don’t recommended taking a car you care about getting damaged possibly. From the car park at the end of the unsealed road it is only a very easy 1km walk to the tunnel. The tunnel used to be a old 400m long railway tunnel abandoned in the early 1900’s. Now glow worms have taken up residence.

IMG_2121At the entrance to the tunnel, it looks like Jurassic park

Due to incredibility wet month we’ve had, there was a lot of water in the tunnel. Remember to takes torches of course as its pitch black in the middle. When you do get the the middle, turn your touch off and look around and you will see the hundreds, possible thousands of glow worms all glowing a greeny bluey colour, they look like stars.

Its pitch black in the tunnel and the glow worms glow so faintly we couldn’t take any good photos of them.

IMG_2122Looking out to daylight after venturing through

IMG_2118Me and Damien walking to the tunnel

Video of the northern end of the glow worm tunnel

IMG_2116Naughty Terry eating scones on his diet

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