2011 Sydney to gong ride result & the Briars Highland fling

Briars highland fling banner

This is an blog update mainly aimed at all my sponsors who between you raised $340 a big thank you!

Now onto the bad news, on Saturday morning I started feeling really ill really quickly and by lunchtime I realised of had terrible food poisoning. It must have been from something I ate on Friday but I can’t remember eating anything out of the ordinary. Come Saturday afternoon I was still in a lot of stomach pain and so weak and couldn’t leave the couch under a blanket so I had no choice but to make arrangements to not start the race at 6:30am the following morning. I’m very sorry to let you down after you gave money to sponsor me.

My two other riding partners Brendon and Sanna did start though, Brendon had a problem with the rear wheel on his bike ¾ of the way and had to stop but Sanna managed to make it all the way to the 90km end. She said it felt a lot harder this year than last year, maybe as it was quite a hot day in the sun out there.

All is not lost though as its now Monday and I’m already feeling better and next weekend is an even bigger event the Briars Highland fling, a 100km off-road mountain bike endurance event one of the toughest in Australia (and possibly the world due to the rough terrain) Map attached if you want to take a look. I will use your sponsorship as inspiration to encourage me through the pain and the tough times of this ride.

The 2001 Briars Highland Fling Trail map

The 2001 Briars Highland Fling Trail map

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