Sydney to Gong ride 2011

I have reached my fundraising target for the Sydney to Wollongong (the Gong) for 2011!



The ride takes place next weekend November the 6th over 90km on the road South. Here’s a map of the ride and a map showing the hills if your interested to see what I’ll be going through.  This is my 4th attempt of the ride and this time I’m planning on doing it at the quickest speed possible.

A BIG thankyou to all my sponsors  from both Australia and back in England. Especially a BIG mention to Richard Wright who was my biggest sponsor with $80!

imageUpdate 28/10/11
My Grandad has just sponsored me $20, my total is now upto $310 thanks Grandad!

We’re engaged!

markandsannaengagedNot the most flattering photo in the world but it captured
the moment just after Sanna said Yes

Hi all, I am sure everybody in my friends and family knows this news now, but just to be sure, and to stop all the 100’s of women that approach me every day, Sanna and I are engaged!

I proposed to Sanna in Tokyo on the way over to England to my sisters wedding, the exact place was right at the top of the Odaiba ferris wheel in the Palette town region of Tokyo. The wheel was so massive, one of the biggest in the world, that on the way up to the top I heard a bit of creaking and wind rushing by, my hands were sweating and I was so nervous. After I proposed at the top Sanna though I was nervous from proposing, no, it was actually the bloody height of the wheel!

Odaiba ferris wheel in the Palette town region of TokyoOdaiba ferris wheel in the Palette town region of Tokyo

Our plans at the moment are to get married at the end of the next Australian summer so around February 2013 so about 16 months time, that’ll give us plenty of time to get it organised. Our thoughts at the moment are for it to take place over a weekend away in the Hunter valley wine region at a vineyard just North of Sydney for our family and friends to enjoy the wedding and to get away for a weekend in the Australian countryside.

Brendon’s Birthday surprise

Happy  Birthday to my best mate Brendon! 29 on Friday! We surprised him at a friends recording studio Tommirock in Newcastle. We all hid in the studio with the lights out and jumped out, he didn’t have a clue, well done to Easton for organising the surprise and not letting it on to him.

Brendon’s Birthday–blowing out the candles

photo 3

Happy Birthday Captain Sunnies

photo 4

Cake portion control out of control

photo 5

Easton’s portion was just totally out of control

photo 1photo 2

Music studio webcams, good job Brendon didn’t
know about these before we surprised him

We were in a music studio so we had to record a amazing live version of the Nyan Cat song haha Smile I was rocking out at the piano at the back in the pink sunnies.

Brendon’s birthday music video