City Early morning ride


I’m still loving my new bike, it is Sunday morning and I got up at 7am to go for a ride around the city. It’s good to go for a explore all around the city’s foreshore early on a Sunday morning as the city is still asleep. Very few people are about, the city is very different and peaceful. Damien and me have done the same route a few times together when he lived with us.

On the way at Baggeroo (however it’s spelt) where the Pope had his big foreshore rave a year ago, I found the P&O Pacific Pearl berthed there. It might have been too large to fit at the normal cruise terminal opposite the opera house. Not so good for the paying passengers expecting to come into Sydney next to the opera house.

2 thoughts on “City Early morning ride”

  1. Hey Buddy! 🙂

    Awsome looking bike! sorry to hear your last one got stolen, unbelievable what some people will do…

    Sounds like early morning rides around the foreshore are really relaxing 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing more pics on rides!

    1. It sure is nice to see such a large city quiet and you could only see it that way if you live in the city and get up early.

      Take care mate. Cheers

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