Supercar Spin Feb 2011 edition all done

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Supercar Spin Feb 2011 edition

Here it s the February edition of our little show supercar spin, I think this month turned out pretty good. We had a couple of small changes this month:

  • The intro layout is now a short 15 seconds blast of all the upcoming news bits for this month, then it goes to the intro titles then onto the main show. This was Jays idea to make the beginning of the show more impactful, I think it works much better.
  • The supercar stats or ‘Hot specs’ as I call them, are now scrolling across the bottom of the screen in a news ticker style way. This is good as in future episodes we can leave the techy stats stuff down there scrolling along and leave the main talking in the show to a more personal natural discussion.

Some good stuffs been happening behind the scenes, we were approached by a women who likes the show is really into her cars and is keen to get involved if she can as a guest presenter on the show. Were in discussion with her now on that so we’ll see if it works out as a trial.

Lastly Jay the master of Adobe editing (you can see some of his editing work here) is cooking up a new title sequence to replace the current one I made. I know he will make something pretty dam sexy and in HD and featuring a lot of supercars of course, we’ll see.

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