Australia Day 2011

Australia Day 1

Here are a few quick photos from Australia Day 2011. Australia Day is about aussies just having a public holiday off to celebrate being all things Australian, food, beer, sun and being with friends and family.

I don’t know how the aussies do it but every Australia day for the past 7 years I’ve been living here, its always been a beautiful hot sunny day and this year was no different.

Every Australia day I go down to look at all the classic cars at the big NRMA sponsored classic car display. They close off the roads around Hyde park and all the classic car clubs of Australia get together to show off their pride and joys.

Every year there is a Red e-type series 1 Jaguar Roadster owned by a guy called Neil by memory. I go look over the car each year and have a quick 10 minute chat to him (so I should remember his name). I absolutely LOVE this car, its my mornings highlight of each Australia day to go look at this car, I always tell Neil I want it to be my car for my wedding one day.


Red e-type series 1 Jaguar Roadster


After I went and looked at the cars I went for a mountain bike ride with friends Ian and Trent around centennial park for an hour in the 30+ degrees heat and then joined Sanna at our swimming pool afterwards to cool off.

In the afternoon we went down to look around the cars again! (well mostly I did) and walked down to the harbour front to meet some of Sannas friends at the Opera bar. It was close to 35 degrees in the shade, it was just too hot with no breeze. We then went to the old rocks area where there was a slight cooling breeze and we headed into 2 separate pubs, one with a roof top beer garden with a great view of the harbour.

ausday2011c.jpgSanna, Brendon & Josh

In the evening we headed to darling harbour for the big Australia day fireworks which are always really good as your up very close to them. Me, Sanna, Brendon, Josh and a Indian guy we made friends with who just got off the boat from India 3 weeks ago, all had a meal and drinks over looking the darling harbour fireworks. A great busy day!

ausday2011d.jpgAustralia Day 2011 fireworks at Darling harbour

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