Our short film for the Tropfest film festival ‘Empty’ now ready

I think I mentioned on my blog a few months ago I worked on a horror/thriller short film with director Jay Ng called ‘Empty’. This is the 2nd short film I’ve worked with him on with the 1st being ‘The Poker Table’. This time around I was the main camera operator with about 95% of the footage in the film shot by me.

Here is the short bio of the films description:

“Anna Berger has returned to work after a long hiatus. The office, however, has become a sinister place with images of death haunting her vision and the presence of a mysterious stalker. Is Anna losing her mind or is there a darker force at work?”

Unfortunately it didn’t make the cut to get into the final 16 of the Tropfest film festival out of the 100’s of entries, but we are all proud of the work we did to make it. I myself am pretty proud how it came out considering it was the 2nd film ever Jay and me had worked on together and the first time I was really director of photography. Jay did a great job of the editing as well I thought.

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