Jan episode of Supercar Spin is done yay!

Note, all the official Supercar Spin articles will be on www.supercarspin.com from now on.
Supercar Spin Jan 2011–The monthly sports & supercar news show

The 1st episode for 2011 is done and up for our subscribers on YouTube and iTunes!

And if your wondering why I’m a bit quiet in the episode compared to previous episodes, well it was a 33 degree’s on the day of the filming, and I was so uncomfortably hot I couldn’t concentrate!

It was also so hot I forgot to plug the proper microphone in for the 3rd take (the one you see here) that’s why the sounds a little echo’y and distant. Now I know why all proper television studios have aircon!

By the way 2700 people downloaded and watched the December episode on their iPhones/iPods last month, cool.

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