December edition of Supercar Spin & some viewers stats

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The December edition of Supercar Spin is now available, well to tell the truth its been up for 2 weeks now but I’ve been lazy to get to my blog. We filmed it back at the ‘Zonda’ studio again, much better sound, not so echo’y and a great drive through the Royal national park in the RS4 to get there, camera gear sliding around in the back.

You can watch the episode as usual on¬†YouTube above (here’s a link to it in HD) or by watching and subscribing to it in iTunes below:

Supercar Spin Monthly news show on iTunes

I have finally got some realistic viewers stats working with the help of the stats logging service.¬† This is good as we can see what sort of devices people are watching it on like iPhones, other phones and iPads and what country there from e.t.c. It seems that people arn’t watching Supercar Spin on YouTube but thousands are on iTunes on their mobile devices.

Here you can see all our episodes so far from the Pilot episode to the latest which is Dec10, the latest episode of Dec is more popular than the Nov one which is what we want to see!:

scssummarystats.jpgHere is an interesting one, where everyone is watching the episodes from. It’s the Asians that are gobbling up our episodes the most; I would think the reason for this is that mobile entertainment through media consumption is so popular in Asia with its mobile data the fastest and best in the world. I think everyone has better than 3G connections there so everyone is walking around watching video on demand shows and podcasts like Supercar Spin.


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