Working on a short film – ‘Empty’

I have been working on a short film called ‘Empty’ over the last few weeks with director Jay Ng who I worked with on the short film ‘’The Poker Table’ last year for Sony Tropfest  View it here on YouTube.

This film like last one is a pretty intense and dark film penned by Jay Ng himself, it makes me wonder what kind of dreams the guy has at night! 🙂 The film is about a young women Anna who returns to her office job after a terrible accident and the series of lifelike flashbacks that she imagines (or not) as she try’s to return to her boring office job. As said the story and script are pretty intense and dark, have a read of one of the pages from the script below:

empty script

All the crew, actors and extras had fun filming over the 3 and a half days of shooting with lots of fake blood, drilling into baby dolls heads and between takes lots of laughter. A lot of the crew form ‘The Poker Table’ were called back with myself acting as chief on camera or ‘Director of Photography’ for the wanky term. All the crew were all playing their parts well in this short film and we felt like we were more professional and gelling as a team more compared to the last film, which was great.

Here are some photos from the first 2 days shooting.


Setting up for a scene in a warehouse


I had to learn how to use a pretty serious video camera


Applying some fake latex skin and patches of
blood to make a dead like arm and hand


One of the actors playing out a scene where he drills a baby dolls head


Me on camera filming in the ladies toilets for a mirror scene

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