Washing the car + no roof

I washed the new car at Brendon’s the other day on a cool late winters day. Its amazing how clean a Black car looks just after you give it a good clean, basically everything but the internal aluminium interior is Black and it all shines a deep Gloss Black.


There were a lot of swirl marks on the Black paint I noticed, basically from the car being taken to bad car washes in its 3 year life in Melbourne so far. I got in contact with the guy who details all of Lamborghinis cars for them and he detailed the car inside and out over a day at the Lamborghini service centre. The body work apart from a couple of tiny stone chips on the nose looks like new like it has just left the factory.


I also bought a soft top roof from a guy in Melbourne from the Lotus club. I got it half price at $700 which was a good deal as it is brand new. It didn’t fit his Exige as he has a roll cage fitted but fits mine, and it means I can enjoy some open top motoring again once the weather warms up.

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