Motion X Gps Must Have Iphone App for the outdoors’y type

This is one of the best apps for free on the iPhone without a doubt I’ve found. Motion X GPS is a very detailed GPS logging app that allows you to pre-load all the map data of where your going as you typically don’t have any phone signal when your out trekking/riding and log your entire trip, all stats everything and then upload it to twitter, facebook, or plain old email whilst your in the field still. It has so many features you just have to check it out.

As by example, Brendon and I went out for a long ride in the Royal National Park today to christen his new mountain bike. This is what it generated:


and to be truly amazed open up the following Google Earth file it generated and make sure the 3D terrain layer is turned on, its amazing!

Mark & Brendon RNP ride.kmz (Google Earth file)

If you dont have Google Earth, this is a snippet of what it looks like:



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