Mardi Gras 2010 Video

27th Feb was the date for this years Sydney Mardi Gras parade, one of the worlds most famous street parties. Our new place in the city has 2 bedrooms that back right onto Oxford St and being 3 levels up was a perfect place to watch the parade from. 18 friends came over to join us for some food and drinks and to watch the parade from the bedroom windows and we all had a good time.

Here is a 10 minute collection of some of the best bits I filmed of the parade. Enjoy the madcap craziness of the Sydney Mardi Gras as the infamous ‘Team leader’ controls the crowds with her takedown shouting Megaphone skills, you’ll see what I mean:

One person that loved watching the whole parade was little Basima before she fell asleep on the ‘Lovesac’, I couldn’t think of a more comfortable place to sleep:


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  1. nice video, looks like Sydney and especially Oxford St are still so much crazy. It’s so weird to see it’s summer time in Australia while I currently go to ski almost every week ends here in Quebec and in the US. Enjoy!

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