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I keep getting questions about setting up a home theatre system based around Windows Vista Media Center and I keep getting onto the subject of what it actually looks like all setup as people think it’s all mess and cables and generally not very ‘home theatre’ looking when a PC’s involved.

Well here are a couple of shots of what it looks like all setup. Since one of the photos was taken there’s a Playstation 3 been slotted in down the bottom left where the books are

P8080504.jpgThe glowing item down the bottom left is the IR transmitter for the rear wireless surround speakers, it is not visible to the human eye but picked up by the digial camera it seems.


All Sony gear so once its connected you know it will just work very well. The MediaCenter PC itself was custom built and installed by myself, im getting quite good at building these systems now.

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  1. Hey Sarge,
    GT5 is not out yet only GT5 Prologue, hopefully it will be out early next year. Cant wait for it though, will have to purchase a decent PS3 steering wheel with force feedback for some realism to go with those great graphics.

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