Deposit down on the GT3 RS

I did it! I bought the GT3 RS! Well pre-ordered it, number 5 in Australia 🙂

I took the Porsche Careerararraaara S out and it was frankly a bit ‘boring’, on paper its as fast if not a tiny tiny bit faster than my Lotus Elise R but it felt really un-interesting, not what the sports model Porsche 911 should of felt like in my mind. Surges of power with precession it wasn’t, it was well planted on the road but not what I was expecting from the ‘daddy’ of all sports cars Sport model. Then came test driving the Porsche GT3 5 minutes afterwards for a true ‘back to back’ comparison and it was a marked improvement to say the least.

Porsche997_front.jpgEverything was instantly better, the seats were more snug and safe feeling, the steering wheel was smaller, more comfortable to grip and gave a more direct ‘attached to the road’ feel, the suspension also gave this feeling too, Yes I can ’feel’ the road again, and when setting the PASM active suspension to its hardest setting it felt nearly as stiff as the Lotus, great!

Next came testing out the 3.6 litre heavily tuned Porsche motorsport  engine the GT3 is fitted with. It was a savage beast up behind me with a good shove of accelerative power when pushing the throttle in all areas of the rev range so very usable in any gear. The car felt like it was sucked onto the road when you pushed the accelerator hard and with the car going EXACTLY where you pointed it, I gained confidence driving this $300k supercar in the matter of 10 minutes. Still at this stage I wasn’t blown away, not to the extent of having hairs on the back of the neck move and not making me want to shout “how do I buy one”.

997 GT3 RS.jpgWe put down the windows, pressed another clever button (there’s a lot of technology in this car) that opened the flaps in the exhaust, and from then on every prod of the accelerator came a roar through the windows. It seemed that all the song and dance of this car comes from it shouting outside the car not inside, the sound coming through the windows now was just AMAZING! The best experience of sound I’ve ever had from any car. This thing driving though a main street of shops sounded like a race car straight off of a race track with everybody straining to see what this thing WAS.

That was the moment I had to set this as my next petrol headed goal in life to work hard and one day be proud and excited to bring this back to my own garage.

4 thoughts on “Deposit down on the GT3 RS”

  1. You are insane for spending $300k on a car! The Luxury Car Tax on your GT3 will be more than the cost of my BMW! Personally, if I had $300k, i’d buy a Mercedes CLK and a BMW 6-Series. Or a Mercedes CLS and a Porsche Cayenne (i’ve always wanted to drive something the size of a schoolbus).
    I would also buy a Holden Commodore and a Ford Falcon. I would cut both in half and join them together to build the Falcodore: the worst car in existance.

  2. Surely if your c*^k is that small you’re better off spending the money on an “actual” penis extension…. far more use to Sanna 😉
    Congrats… the GT3 RS is a very fine car. However, i’m afraid the GT2 is the beast! Just make sure it’s white.. or viper green! ;D Then when i’ve made enough dosh myself we can have a 911 burn out!

  3. I forgot to write on this article that the sound of the this 997 GT3 on full throttle was neck hair tingling as good as the Ferrari 360 fitted with a Tubi aftermarket exhaust I drove the previous weekend in the royal national park, simply A-mazing!
    Also, after this drive and how blown away I was with it I kind of ‘convinced’ a good friend to buy a new 997 GT3 over the BMW M6 he was putting the deposit down on. It arrives from the factory delivered to Australia at the end of Feb and we have agreed to go pick it up together, cant wait! 🙂

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