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Damien leaves for France – the 4 year lifestyle is over

It has been several hours now since Damien has left in the taxi with his surfboard for the airport, it was a little upsetting to see him go. After living together for 4 years you become used to thinking your flatmate will be there for the future and you don’t tend to expect it to finish and come to an end I guess.

I’ve never lived with someone outside my family (and of course Sanna) ever for that long so it will be strange to adjust. Moving to our first home when we get back from holidays will help the transition I think. I told Damien I will feel a bit like he is still living in 1 Boomerang place when we move just 500 metres away to our new home on Oxford St. Even though Sanna and I always moaned at him to clear up his crumbs from his food and to do the washing up when he didn’t, we still loved him being our flatmate all this time and he always kept me company when Sanna was not around, being good friends.


Jane his *cough* friend came around tonight for an hour and talked about Damien lots, we think she really liked him a lot for the few weeks they were together at the end of his time here. Damien has talked about his decisions to return to France on his blog lenortien.over-blog.com. Google can translate it as best it can automatically from French to English, go here to have a read, Damien’s blog translated to English.


Tonight It is raining hard, as if Sydney is cleaning away the French-ness ready for the next chapter in our lives here. I hope Damien travels safely and has a happy reunion with with loved ones and family, I know in 4 years they would have missed him and now its our turn to start missing him.