1 bike and a Lotus

Well it was a long way but a motorbike and one of your best mates and your favourite sports car makes for a good days blast through the Australian countryside and what a blast it was, here’s the summery:
Here are the photos from Saturday’s road trip with AC to the Hunter valley and back in a day. He was on his bike he’s had for 5 months now and I was in the Lotus. We left at 8am and arrived back home after dark at 6:30pm. It was a long day of hard driving and we covered 520km in one day. We visited a couple of vineyards, we bought some wine and visited the Hunter valley olive centre and bought some Olives and some Jam for Sanna. We stopped at some quiet places on the way and met a few of the locals. We arrived home very tired, I fell asleep with the TV on in bed at half 9 but it was worth it.
Keep on trucking, were getting the km’s under the wheels now, long straight roads for many km’s followed by twisty sections for many km’s.
A quick stop to stretch the legs were needed quite often.
Cruising along at a nice 60kph, time to look around.
Ah Broke the south West gateway to the Hunter Valley as we come to a rest from driving the lovely ‘Putty road’ famous for being one of the best driving roads in the Sydney region.
Lots of fatalities on the front of the car from driving at high speed for many hours, but they were fun hours and we saw lots of different roads and sights, oh there were some vineyards along the way and the bottles of wine made it in one piece in the small boot back safely too.
Next trip we made a plan to do the south coast roads, Wollongong and beyond, date TBA.

Road trip to Bathurst/Orange for the weekend

Hi yah all,
Sanna and I made longish road trip out into the countryside past the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney. We covered 660km’s in 2 days, I drove 550km’s of that and was great fun getting a good distance run in the car. We were battered by wind and rainstorms as winter in Sydney is starting to say its goodbyes and the car stood up well and got us home warm and safely.
I met up with Ben from the Lotus Elise’s forum on-line who arranged some cheap accommodation, when I say cheap it wasn’t rubbish, far from it, it was a 2 floor, sleeps 5-6, really nice huge apartment (huge by Sydney standards) for half price. He arranged for me to have secure parking underground for the car for the night too. He had a lovely Yellow Elise 111S model. 5 years difference between his Lotus Elise and mine but from the outside you just wouldn’t know. It’s a tribute to cars design when they don’t change it or change very little over the years, just like the Porsche 911, refined for over 20 years now.
Bathurst is famous for its racetrack being the biggest and most famous in all of Australia’s motor racing history. Although its hours and hours drive from Sydney and days drive from anywhere else, people drive there in their 1000’s during the V8 Supercars race season known as the Bathurst 1000.
Here we took to the track as normally it is a 2 way public road limited to 60kph. The police check the straights for speeding but never the twisty upper ‘mountain’ section where we had some fun.
As I took Ben around in my car to see the difference 5 years of design improvements can make to a car, Sanna drove his car, she said it was VERY nosey, which it was as it was fitted with a special exhaust from Europe, made mine sound like a Mini Metro with its standard exhaust!
In Big W (that’s Woolworths in the UK) we found Sanna’s model of the family, her niece Basima, she did some modelling for big W and is in all their stores and in the catalogue too, good on her, but I think the one of the left is cute’r 
The last highlight was that Ben who I had never met in person before said that he found out that the new Porsche GT3 RS is my current dream car and being his family is in the picture/art business he framed up a lovely photo for me for a surprise and gave it to me as a present, I was really chuffed!


Me Troyski and Damien aka ‘Super Frenchie’ went for a bush walk South of Sydney a long way from anybody on Sunday. We went to a part of the trails were it seems there were really not any other walkers. We walked for 7 hours and only saw about 4 people in total on the bush trails.
Near the beginning we found a huge pipe that seemed to lead on for a long distance so Troy suggested we carry out part of his family tradition of what him and his dad used to do of ‘Pipeing’ the Rose way!
Basically you find a pipe somewhere in the countryside and walk along it and follow it for Km’s. So a bushwalk turned into a pipeing adventure. Damien wasn’t impressed with walking along the pipe for km’s with his half metal leg so he stuck to the bush track. The pipe went forever, eventually ending at a dam.
Bush wacking super frenchie posing with the pipe
Ninja Troyski on the pipe
We ended up at a dam and this impressive bit of human construction or should I say digging was the emergency water runoff for the dam, this thing was cut SO deep into the ground, must of taken a hell of a lot of explosive to make.
We found a big mirror at the dam so had some fun 🙂
and some more fun
and some more fun
its amazing how much fun you can have with a mirror 🙂
at the end it got very dark QUICKLY and we got lost BADLY, in the very end we staggered up a hill and onto a road, we were saved, back to humanity!
We found the nearest train station and sat down and waited for out train, very tired after 8 hours out in the bush in the winter time.

Sannas Nestle leaving party

Sannas moving on from Nestle after 3 and a half years to her new postion with World Kitchen Australia and to celebrate she had a leaving party at the London hotel in Paddington.
The theme was super heroes and Action heroes, here was the invitation:
Batgirl and Super Frenchie!
Huw the Dirty lifeguard on the deck!
Lara Croft, Mick Dundee and Super Geek in the background tryign to get in a photo to show he has friends.
‘Ask a Ninja’ and Batgirl and Spiderman
2 characters from Xmen
Catwomen and Cathy and Kevin
Clark Kent and Spiderman and Batgirl
Super geek on the decks!
Super Frenchie playing pool with his baguette, which he then ate.
Super heros ready for action!
Girl power!

Gold Coast Marathon

Sanna and I went to the Gold Coast at the weekend for the Gold coast marathon. We both trained very hard for it but I over trained I think and my right knee injury came back. I went to a physio for a few visits and he recommended I didn’t do the marathon so I stopped training and did the half marathon instead.
Here’s the lovely Gold coast
Sanna after I find her in the recovery area afterwards, she managed to complete all 42Km’s and did it in 3:50 VERY very well done, I’m really proud of her to have completed it. I completed the half marathon in 1:55, not bad considering I stopped all training 3-4 weeks before the event due to my injury.
and a few minutes later, not feeling too great by this stage of the recovery
us being proud with our finisher t-shirts and our finishers medals
Still in the official recovery process with steak sandwich and chips in bed 🙂
The following day we hired a car to explore the Gold Coast a bit more and we drove away from the tourist area and into the countryside and found Lamington National Park. Unfortunately for Sanna Lamingtons did not grow on the tree’s there.

My first Trackday

Today it was my first proper track day at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney. I have driven for a afternoon once at Eastern Creek before a few months ago but this was my first full day on the track and in my own car. It was time to test the Lotus out near its limit but in the safety zone of being at the track with fire a paramedics at hand should anything go wrong.
Well it was a safe day and I learnt a hell of a lot about all the beginnings of racing techniques. There was one crash which was a driver of a Porsche 911 after only 10 minutes in, probably his tyres and brakes hadn’t reached correct temperature and he came off doing around probably 150 into the tyre wall. He was taken t hospital but we received word an hour later he was all fine.
OK onto some photos!
When we arrived at the track, everyone in the beginners group which I was in had to do a long safety briefing in a suite above the pit garages and then outside one of the instructors gave us a briefing on correct seating positions and about securing everything loose in the car. He used my car as it had no roof to easily show these things.
Here I am just before we go out on the track for the first time explaining the differences between my Lotus Elise R on the left and the Lotus Exige S on the right to some of the guys in the beginners group.
My friend Robert Bryden’s Lotus Exige Cup 240, the top of the range Exige offered by Lotus Sport and pretty rare too, only a few in Australia. Quite a bit more power than mine, really makes it FLY around the track, these are raced professionally a lot in Europe.
My friend the ‘meatman’ that’s his nickname I’ve given him as he owns Australia’s largest meat packing company bought his brand new Black Exige S along. He was a terror on the track, overtaking everyone with ease all day long.
Another photo of the lovely Black Exige, this is in the pit garage.
Lots of expensive cars all lined up ready to hit the track!
Line up Line up, gentlemen start your engines!
With the pit lane exit marshal waiting for the go ahead to exit the pit lane. The marshal looks down the track and gives you the go ahead when he sees a gap for you to accelerate onto the track quickly.
Me driving along the main straight in front of the grandstand leading an Audi RS4, I was going at 200kph (125 mph) at the end of the main straight, in a car that’s so low to the ground that feels really fast. Turn 1 just after the main straight I managed to stick to 140 kph (87mph), that speed in a corner is bloody scary but it sticks to the road with its aerodynamics.
Coming back into the pits after a few laps to cool off and get my concentration back.
Old and new Lotus’s, the old Lotus 7 in the background now being made by Caterham cars Ltd in Caterham England.
Me checking out my favourite car the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, worth nearly 3 of my cars! A very track focused car, not something you could have as a daily driver car, far to raw.
I love this car
Lined up ready to go out again along with a Aston Martin Vantage, Lotus Elise S1 and a Ferrari 360
I asked instructor Mat if he would take my friend Chris out for a few hot laps, he did for 3 laps and he really enjoyed the experience, he loved it.
This BMW M3 was good fun to go up against, it had more power in the straights but on the corners I was making distance on him, no other road car can beat a Lotus on the corners.
A photo of one of my rear tyres after being out on the track, you can see the edges of the tread where the rubber has literally melted from the hot temperature of driving at the limit and this hot melted rubber flicks up and sticks to the side of the cars which is hard work to clean off. Its all clean now though 🙂
Last photo of the day and the cars allowed to let its parts cool off in the pits before the 35 minute drive home, and to BED. Racing around a race track at speed all day is very tiring, *YAWN*
A video I took of the Instructor Mat driving me around the track showing me how it should be done. He owns and races a Elise himself and so knows how to drive a Lotus on the track VERY well and FAST. It was scary, after 2 laps I’d had enough 🙂

What a fun day overall!

Mix played on SS Radio in the UK

My good old mates Richard Earnshaw and Dan Jones of Duffnote Records suggested I put together a DJ mix and they might be able to air it on their weekly radio show in the UK. I dug out a mix I recorded about 9 months ago and I remember after recording had finished it was one of my proudest mix sessions I’d ever done, every mix was pretty much perfect and it all flowed so well. It even had my remix edit of Richards own track Joyride, which I re-labed ‘Franky Joyrides’ lookout for it 3/4 the way though. The original mix was an hour and a half long but I sent the first hour over to the boys in the UK. They both really liked it and have featured it as their classic guest mix for this week’s show.


They asked for an email for any ‘plugs’ or anything I want to say. Here’s the email I sent them:

Thanks for using my mix from your old mate Beddy guys.

Please call me Marky B on the guest mix, please plug the SHE monthly residency on the Last Saturday on the month at the luxurious inner city Sydney club Industrie. Please plug the newly re-launched brand and our newly re-launched website at www.shesydney.com bla bla

Mention we’ve bagged all the best Soulful House DJ’s in Australasia as residents, Graham Cordery, Liam Sampras, Dave54, Nick Vidal, Yogi & Ibiza’s Timmy Trumpet.

Do a shout out to Graham Cordery 🙂

Beddys got big balls e.t.c


Mark Bedford

Now they obviously printed this out and referred to it on the desk in front of the microphones in the studio when they were doing their broadcast as they kept referring to it all the time and taking the piss outta me in their own unique, as friends do way 🙂

When you have a listen to the show, bear the above email and what I said in mind and you’ll see how they kept referring to parts, including the ‘big balls’ comment I put at the end which was referring to a certain famous photo of have of Richard Earnshaws manhood =)

This will be auctioned off to the highest bidder in the future one day to raise money for gingeritis disease which Richard has a bad case off, bless him 🙂

Listen live with the links below.

Part 1:
Marky B mix on Sugar Soul Radio show 18-05-07 Part1 (128bit mp3)

Part 2:
Marky B mix on Sugar Soul Radio show 18-05-07 Part 2 (128bit mp3)

Drive through the Royal national park

Today me and Chris left early in the morning for a drive around the Royal National Park just south of the city, stopping halfway for breakfast it was a good drive around twisting roads in the countryside and I started to get a better feel for the handling of the car.
Here’s a short clip of the drive.

and a photo of Chris’ Breaky 🙂
A photo of me with the new toy as we stop for a break to take in the peace and quiet

Canberra Half Marathon weekend

Hi yah all,
This weekend we whisked ourselves away to the capital Canberra to do the half marathon there.
We drove there in the new toy (first time out of the city) driving via Wollongong to Pick up Sanna. Just about managed to cram in a weekends worth of clothes, our running gear and the roof of the little Lotus into the back.
Here’s a photo taken just after a spirited drive through the Royal National Park. I left at 7am so to get the cool crisp winter air on my morning run, the roads were deserted apart from a few bikers who enjoyed keeping up to my rear as I winded though the twisty national park roads.
I took this photo and it was lovely and quiet, all you could hear was he tinging of the engine cooling down and the waves down below against the cliffs.
Mum you will remember it here as this is where we got out for a short walk to the top of the cliff and dad was too scared to get out the car in fear of snakes 🙂
Have to say, rubbish on the left, that’s not normal Australia, it’s a very clean place usually.
A Nice shot of the rump of the Loti 🙂
Canberra, the capital of Australia and probably the most un-interesting place ever after you’ve visited it once.
The biggest dead kangaroo I’ve ever seen! It was as big as a person! it must of really damaged the car or whatever hit it!
Driving a sports car with the roof off REALLY messes up one’s hair 🙂
One of my favourite views of the car, the rear rump around the back of the window, this is the view from the rear mirrors all the time and I love it 🙂
No there are no photos of me a Sanna doing the Canberra half marathon, we would look far too tired and ugly for photo proof. We did a really good time though, approx 1:45 which is beats my previous personal best I set in the South England New Forest marathon of 1:56 by memory.

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