Zara’s first birthday

Our little baby Zara is 1 year old! Sanna did a lady beetle (lady bug for my UK readers) theme, red and white.

We went to a beach with a grassy park area at the back in Sydney called Parsley Bay, which I had never heard of before. Turns out it was a nice grassy area with picnic tables and a bay with a shark net.

The cake was a choclate cake that was sugar free, nut free, gluten free, everything free. Sanna didnt tell us all till afterwards, and it was actually really nice though.

It’s a big family of kids now when they are all together.

Thank you to everyone that came it was such a unbelievably hot day in the mid thirties so appreciate you made the effort to come.

Thank you also to everybody that gave Zara lovely presents, they came from all over the world, thank you so much for your generosity.

Lotus club drive Jan 2017

I organised another breakfast drive, we call them ‘breaky runs’ for the lotus club last weekend. The route I planned just south of Sydney was a hit with the guys.

6 Lotus’ mostly Elises but 1 Exige, and 1 Lamborghini, he’s a Lotus owner but also a Lamborghini owner.

They really are a nice bunch of guys, usually from the age range of late 20’s to 50’s from different walks of life.

Everyone had to pull over as I got lost on the map 🙂

I’m always impressed with how well the lotus drives on Country Roads at high speeds, it’s ability to just fly over the roads imperfections and absorb all the roads bumps such direct feedback through the non power assisted steering and through the seat of your pants being so close to the ground, there isn’t a more amazing driving experience south of hundreds of thossands of your local money. 

I’m lucky to also own the Audi RS4 but the Lotus Elise is really truly the better driving experience of the two.

Below, breakfast time with the gang!

Sydney ghost town – New years day 2017

Sydney as a ghost town. I woke up early on new years day and did a trip around Sydneys CBD and tourist spots. I find it amazing to see a normally very busy city as a ghost town.

The only sign of life was a P&O cruise ship entering the quay.

Macquarie st heading down to the opera house.
Coolest building im Sydney, part of the University Technology Sydney.

Martin Place, one of the busiest pedestrian parts of Sydney, not a sole.
Opera Bar, would have been packed to capacity just a few hours earlier for the NYE celebrations.

The usually bustling China Town where Paddys Market is, totally dead.

No ferries running at circular quay, a real ghost town.

The loanly  Bar with no customers.

A NYE DJ booth with the DJ and dancers long gone.

Lotus drive Nov 2016

I organised another Lotus drive this Sunday, I like organising them as its a good excuse to share the Lotus driving experience with others and meet new people. Mines the bright Blue one if you didn’t know.


It was good fun driving with the guys today. A bit of rain scared off a few people last minute but a group size of 6 cars and 8 people made it an easy to keep together group.


Moooooooooooo! 🙂


20161127_120126_resizedA vehicle of some kind dropping oil on Macquarie pass and the local council putting sand over it, meant some fun with the traction control and the back end fishtailing about, all good fun at low speeds.


Interesting centrifugal supercharger design going on in one of the cars, must keep an eye on that interesting subject, maybe the legendary Neil Trama engineering can lend a hand as he looked interested.


Peering out over Woolongong on a cloudy day.20161127_121351_resized

I had a good days drive and visited friends in the area afterwards and ended up at a pub and didn’t get home till 8pm, a fun day, that’s what Sundays are all about. 🙂

Happy birthday Sanna

Happy birthday to my beautiful wife Sanna, 35 years old this week and a beautiful mum. We have known each for 13 years now, and been married for 3 years.

For her birthday I took her to see the Aladdin musical at Sydneys capital theatre. It was excellent and I would recommend it when its touring in your city. Sanna thought she was princess Jasmin when she was a little girl.

Zara is now 9 months old and has 2 bottom teeth and her 1st top tooth just coming through. She has bitten me twice now, once on the nose and once my chest, it bloody hurts and shes smiles when I scream.

Sanna pondering whilst having some lunch on Stanley street near our home.

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