Ben & Jerrys Chubby Hubby

Wow we have a good problem here, fat husband alert aka Chubby Hubby!


I have a problem as this Chubby Hubby was so good and I came home from the pub a little drunk I nearly ate the whole tub in one sitting! Thats nearly half a litre of yummyness, no wonder why I need to go on a diet.

This is all that was left!


Vanilla malt ice cream with peanutty fudge covered pretzels with fudge and peanut buttery swirls. Wow the peanut flavour and crunchy pretzels combination is perfect. This has got to be one of Ben & Jerrys best!

The fact I couldn’t stop myself with this one means it has to be a 9!

Beddy rating 9 outta 10!

Spring bushwalk with Damien in the Royal National Park

What a view!20140928_121522_Richtone(HDR) Today  Damien and I headed out for a days trek to the Royal National Park just 1hr’s drive from the centre of Sydney. It’s so close to Sydney but feels so far away from a city, this is one of the beauties of Sydney over a larger sprawling city like London or Paris, 1hr away from the centre and you are in total countryside.

Before I share more photos, here is a short video Damien took on his 7 year old camera so excuse the quality, its in English and French.

This area is called the Burning palms


Can you make out the shape of that tree above Damien’s head, the strong coastal winds shaped it that way.





A lovely bottle of red wine with Olives and sandwiches for lunch 🙂


Ben & Jerry Triple Caramel Chunk


Time for more Ben & Jerrys ice cream indulgence! This time Triple Caramel Chunk which is caramel ice cream which isnt too caramel’y and caramel swirls with little chocolate covered caramel cups.


Im not so sure this is one of the best in the range, maybe I’ve had too many yummy salted caramel flavoured things lately, ive had better tasting caramel.

I think the base caramel icecream wasnt too caramel’y to emphasis the caramel swirls, I dont think this was a good move.

Overall not the most exciting Ben & Jerrys I’ve had.

Beddy rating 6 out of 10.