Lotus Elise/Exige workshop manuals

Lotus photoIf you have a Lotus Elise or Exige and want to do your own work on the car or even just learn more about how these incredible little cars are put together, these workshop manuals are the way to go.

There are folders for Series 1 Elises & Exiges and then larger folders for the series 2 Elises & Exiges, so no matter which car you have you should be in luck if you have a good look through.


There is also a post on my main blog for: EVO Magazine March 2015 Elise S2 Buying Guide


20 thoughts on “Lotus Elise/Exige workshop manuals”

  1. I have owned an Elise S 1 for two months and have familiarized myself with the art of skinned knuckles. I would like to thank you and your manuals postings for helping me bleed to better effect. Progress is being made as i now have a much better idea of where things are and how to fix them. James B. (melb. vic)

  2. Great to find these manuals on-line, been a big help chasing an alarm issue on my S2.
    Looked through your other posts and I see you visit the Pie Shop in Robertson. One place I have actually visited. My cousin escorted us from Canberra to Sydney, via Bowral, Robertson, and Kiama to see the blowhole. Had lunch in the pie shop, then he took us down Jamberoo. Nice road, but we were in a 6 berth Camper van, so a bit hairy in places.
    Cheers mate.

    1. Glad to have helped 🙂 I find a lot of people coming to my site for the manuals. Even owning a spanky RS4 I still miss owning a Lotus, such nimble fun.

  3. Thank you so much for your kindness. I have recently purchased a 2005 Elise that had been damaged and partially disassembled. The car was very inexpensive to acquire but as I am finding out even lug nuts are high dollar. But thanks to you and the manuals you have provided, I have the information I need to put this car back on the road.

  4. Thanks for the manuals, I´ve started looking into getting a S2
    Really great.
    cheers John

    (FYI ..I did see that the “Elise technical (newer files)” does have a virus)

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